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  • What is the difference between a single- and a double-rebated door?

    The terms ‘single-rebated’ and ‘double-rebated’ describe the type of seal on a door. 

    A single-rebate door closes flush with the door frame like a traditional timber door and incorporates a wool pile or second gasket for thermal efficiency. A double-rebated door closes over the inside of the frame.

    Both single- and double-rebated doors are guaranteed for 10 years. 

    At Windowmate we have a range of composite doors (single- and double-rebated) to suit all preferences.

  • What sort of door should I go for?

    Timber doors are very aesthetically pleasing, however they require a lot of maintenance to prevent peeling, bowing and rotting. uPVC is a low maintenance alternative and is often a cheaper option. However, uPVC cannot not imitate the natural woodgrain finish, like that of a timber door.  

    With a composite door you can have the best of both worlds. Composite doors have a realistic timer-look yet have a high resistance to fading and will not warp, twist or crack. Together with enhanced thermal efficiency, high security options and an extensive range of door styles and colours to choose from, composite doors boast a longer lifespan (almost twice as long as PVC). 

    If you want to achieve the high-end contemporary look of an aluminium door without the price tag of aluminium, Windowmate also supply a new type of composite door that incorporates realistic detailing and a smooth finish to replicate the appearance of an aluminium door. This aluminium alternative is only available in Northern Ireland from Windowmate. 

    Before choosing your door, you should consider how much time you can dedicate to maintaining your door, the level of security you need, how thermally efficient your door needs to be and its required lifespan.

    All our doors are manufactured to a high specification and each door is made to your bespoke requirements. Visit us in store to see our range of doors for yourself.

  • What is a 'Composite' door?

    A composite door is made from a combination of materials for added strength and durability. In most cases [depending on manufacturer] it is constructed from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) skins for a beautiful timber-like appearance and polyurethane core for enhanced thermal efficiency. Composite doors have become a popular choice, with enhanced security features and a much greater selection of styles and colours.

  • What is the price of a REHAU window?

    The price depends on the specification of the window and the size of your chosen window style. Please contact us directly and we will arrange a free survey and quotation.

    If you have a question that is not covered above, please email us at

  • How long before I get my new windows installed?

    All our windows and doors are bespoke made to your requirements. It may take 4-5 weeks before your new windows can be installed. During peak business periods it may not be possible to install within this time frame but we will do all in our power to prioritise and fit your new windows as soon as is possible.

  • Are there grants available for energy efficient windows?

    There are grants available for energy efficient windows.  However support available may vary depending on the council area you belong to. For information on grants and affordable warmth schemes please visit:

    Windowmate has already undertaken HSE grant work.

  • What is the price of a uPVC door?

    The price of a uPVC door will depend on style, colour and size. A single uPVC door will range from £600 upwards.

  • Can I get a replacement key for my window lock?

    It is unlikely that we could source a replacement key for your window lock if you did not source your window from Windowmate. However, most handles have universal screw fixings, so we can provide you with a new handle to fit in place of the old (and it's supplied with a key!).

  • Are the windows that you sell energy rated?


    Today, windows are assessed with an easy to recognise A-G energy rating. The rating assesses the energy performance of the whole window including frame material, frame design, glass type and all other components that make up the window. Any window with a ‘C’ rating or higher is deemed to be energy efficient. A window with an ‘A’ rating should allow more free heat in from the sun than it loses from your home over the course of a year.

    Windowmate is a REHAU Authorised Partner and so only supplies this quality, German brand of uPVC windows. The REHAU system can achieve some of the best u-values in the market and it can proudly display the Energy Saving Recommended logo because they meet the highest A-C ratings.

    REHAU has a special online tool that you can use to demonstrate the energy efficiency of REHAU window systems ( It has been designed to calculate the thermal transmittance (U Value) of windows and doors manufactured with REHAU profile, following the principals of BS EN ISO 10077-1. The results are approved and accepted by FENSA and Certass.

    Energy efficient windows may cost more initially but will not only improve comfort but will save energy and money for the life of the window. Over the life of a window, the cost of heat loss is greater than the purchase cost. Choosing the most energy efficient window will save money.

  • Will new windows reduce noise levels?

    Yes. Modern double-glazed windows have much thicker glass units than decade-old windows, cutting down noise transfer so you hear less noise inside your home.

  • Do I need planning permission for new windows?

    Planning permission is not normally required for repairing, fitting or replacing doors and windows, unless you own a listed building. If you live in a conservation area (or other designated area) you should consult with your local planning authority.

  • Will the installer need into my house?

    Our fitters will need access to both the exterior and interior of your house to carry out window and/or door replacements. Once your bespoke windows and/or door(s) have been manufactured and delivered to your local branch, Windowmate will contact you to arrange a suitable date for the installation.

  • Are your windows internally beaded?

    Yes, all of our windows are internally beaded as standard, unlike externally beaded windows, which are at risk of being targeted by burglars since the glass can be easily removed from the outside.

    If you are security-conscious, there are a number of additional Secured By Design (SBD) features that Windowmate can specify to improve the security of your home and give you peace of mind that your family and possessions are safe.

  • What if something goes wrong?

    Don’t panic. Contact us immediately and our friendly customer service team will take your details and then make every effort to resolve your issue.

  • Is my investment protected?

    Your investment is guaranteed by Windowmate’s profile supplier and glass supplier.


    All uPVC window, door and French door products are made from REHAU uPVC profiles, which represent the very latest in technology for modern window and door construction. REHAU guarantees that profile shape and dimensions conform to REHAU technical drawings within specific tolerances and, in accordance with standard test procedures, guarantees that the consistent quality of material used is resistant to the effects of weathering and sunlight for a period of ten years for white and five years for any foiled profile.

    REHAU profile meets the requirements of relevant standards within BS 6375, BS 7412, BS EN/2608 and security performance to PAS 23 and PAS 24. Frames outside the maximum sizes recommended by REHAU are not covered by guarantee.


    All materials sourced meet the rigorous requirements of their respective applicable British Standard.


    Hardware is guaranteed when installed in accordance with technical instructions and used correctly. Guarantees do not apply in cases of mis-use or mishandling of product. Please note that brass products by their nature will tarnish and as such carry no warranty against discoloration.

  • How long does it take to fit a door?

    Entrance doors can be fitted within a day, which means your home remains secure.

  • How long does it take to fit windows?

    The exact time depends on the number and style of window(s) and being fitted. As a general rule, a whole house (8-10 windows) should be fitted in 2-3 days. Once a full survey has been conducted and the extent of the work is known, Windowmate will be better able to advise you.

  • Will there be much mess?

    Windowmate operate a clean and tidy policy. Our team of fitters will make every effort to leave your home free of any “mess” associated with the installation. We will also take away your old window(s) and/or door(s) and dispose of responsibly in line with our environmental policy.

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